Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rajnam

  rajnam—of the kings    SB 1.16.34, SB 1.17.10-11, SB 1.17.12, SB 4.24.6, SB 7.5.51, SB 10.1.1
  rajnam—of kings    SB 4.15.4, SB 4.31.31
  rajnam—by the royal order    SB 1.9.45
  rajnam—of the princes    SB 1.15.7
  rajnam—of the royal    SB 1.19.13
  rajnam—unto the royal dynasties or kings (who are always very puffed up).    SB 5.13.23
  rajnam—of a royal family    SB 9.20.15

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing rajnam.