Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rajarseh

  rājarṣeḥ—of the king who was a sage    SB 1.4.7
  rājarṣeḥ—of the King who was the ṛṣi among the kings    SB 1.7.12
  rājarṣeḥ—of the saintly king    SB 3.13.3
  rājarṣeḥ—of great saintly kings    SB-4.21.28-29
  rājarṣeḥ—of King Parīkṣit    SB 6.4.3
  rājarṣeḥ—of the great King Ambarīṣa    SB 9.4.14

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing rajarseh.