Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rahiba

  rahiba—shall stay    Madhya 3.148, Madhya 5.98, Madhya 5.107, Madhya 8.298, Madhya 15.289
  rahiba—I shall stay    Madhya 19.251
  rahiba—will remain    Madhya 20.80
  rahiba—remain    Antya 13.36

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rahiba

  ekale rahiba—I shall remain alone    Antya 2.132
  ihani rahiba—please stay here    Madhya 15.294
  ihani rahiba—will stay here    Antya 12.144
  kasite rahiba—You will stay at Kasi, Varanasi    Madhya 17.99
  mora sange rahiba—you should always remain with Me    Antya 13.87
  na rahiba—I shall not stay    Madhya 20.43
  na rahiba—do not stay    Antya 13.37
  sevaya rahiba—should remain engaged in His service.    Madhya 16.112