Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rahah

  rahah—in a solitary place    SB 3.30.8, SB 4.27.3, SB 10.8.34, SB 10.9.6
  rahah—in seclusion    SB 3.4.12, SB 3.19.28
  rahah—mystery    SB 3.4.18, SB 3.4.25
  rahah—in a secluded place    SB 7.12.9, SB 9.14.13
  rahah—lonely place    SB 1.11.39
  rahah—in this lonely place    SB 4.25.28
  rahah—living in a solitary place    SB 7.9.46
  rahah—confidential    SB 9.9.19
  rahah—in seclusion, without any disturbance.    SB 9.18.47
  rahah—to a lonely place.    Adi 4.88
  rahah—a secluded place.    Madhya 8.100
  rahah—mysteries    SB 3.15.46

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rahah

  rahah-rahah—the secret conclusion.    SB 4.29.2b, SB 4.29.2b
  rahah-gatah—exclusively alone    SB 1.11.33
  rahah-jusa—who is living in a solitary place within the core of the heart    SB 10.4.36
  rahah-sthane—in a secluded place.    Madhya 8.56