Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: raghunathera

  raghunathera—of Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.35, Antya 6.161, Antya 6.201, Antya 6.204, Antya 6.244, Antya 6.266, Antya 6.308, Antya 6.309, Antya 6.325
  raghunathera—of Srila Raghunatha Gosvami    Madhya 2.94
  raghunathera—of Raghunatha Bhatta    Antya 13.95
  raghunathera—of Lord Ramacandra    Antya 13.99
  raghunathera—of Raghunatha dasa Gosvami    Antya 16.151

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: raghunathera

  raghunathera carana—the lotus feet of Lord Raghunatha    Madhya 15.146, Antya 4.41
  raghunathera bhagye—by the great fortune of Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.88
  raghunathera kanthe—in the throat of Raghunatha dasa Gosvami    Madhya 2.84
  raghunathera milana—the meeting of Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.328
  raghunathera pita—the father of Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.248
  raghunathera paya—unto the lotus feet of Lord Raghunatha    Madhya 15.149
  raghunathera upare—unto Raghunatha dasa    Antya 6.122