Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: putre

  putre—for the son    SB 6.14.37
  putre—son    SB 7.1.48
  putre—unto her son    Adi 14.41
  putre—his son    Madhya 12.67
  putre—unto his son    Antya 3.57
  putre—on our sons    Antya 12.22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: putre

  chota-putre—the youngest son    Antya 12.45, Antya 16.65
  dhrtarastra-putre—the son of King Dhrtarastra    SB 1.7.13-14
  raja-putre lana—taking the King's son    Madhya 12.66
  tina-putre—three sons    Antya 12.44