Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: puspa

  puṣpa—flowers    SB 1.11.14, SB 4.9.58-59, SB 4.21.2, SB 4.28.35-36, SB 6.19.7, SB 8.12.18, Adi 14.67, Madhya 4.59, Madhya 8.209, Madhya 8.211 (and more...)
  puṣpa—of flowers    SB 4.15.18, SB 8.2.9-13, Madhya 24.337
  puṣpa—in flowers    SB 3.21.40, SB 4.29.54
  puṣpa—with flowers    SB 4.9.57
  puṣpa—by flowers    Antya 1.159
  puṣpa-mālā—flower garland.    Adi 5.186, Madhya 3.104, Antya 6.96
  puṣpa-udyāne—in the flower garden    Madhya 11.193, Madhya 13.202, Madhya 14.239
  phala-puṣpa—fruits and flowers    SB 6.1.58-60, SB 8.15.12
  puṣpa-phala-āḍhyāḥ—filled with luxuriant fruits and flowers    Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  puṣpa-vṛṣṭayaḥ—showers of flowers.    SB 1.9.45, Adi 1.73-74
  gandha-puṣpa-alaṅkāra—scented flowers and ornaments    Antya 18.101
  mallikā-puṣpa-sama—resembling the mallikā flower.    Madhya 13.106
  nānā-puṣpa-udyāne—in the various flower gardens    Madhya 14.121
  puṣpa uṭhāite—to pick up flowers    Madhya 14.172
  puṣpa-añjali—the ceremony of offering flowers to the Lord    Antya 6.214
  puṣpa-araṇya—the garden of flowers    Madhya 13.128
  puṣpa-bakulera—of bakula flower trees    Madhya 1.157
  puṣpa-bāḍī—to the flower garden of Guṇḍicā.    Madhya 14.207
  puṣpa-śayyā—flower bed    Madhya 1.156
  puṣpa-cūḍā—helmet of flowers    Madhya 4.14
  puṣpa-druma—flower trees    Madhya 13.173
  puṣpa-gandha—the fragrance of the flowers    Antya 19.81
  puṣpa-gopāla—of the name Puṣpagopāla.    Adi 12.85
  puṣpa-kisalaya—a few flowers and twigs    Madhya 14.204
  puṣpa-maṇḍanaiḥ—by bunches of various flowers    SB 9.11.31-34
  puṣpa-mālā—garlands of flowers    Madhya 4.63
  puṣpa-mālā—as a garland of flowers    Madhya 8.175
  puṣpa-phala vinā—except for fruits and flowers    Madhya 14.222
  puṣpa-phala-bhare—because of the heavy burden of flowers and fruits    Antya 15.49
  puṣpa-phalam—the flower and the fruit    SB 8.19.39
  puṣpa-sama—like a flower    Madhya 7.72
  puṣpa-taravaḥ—the flower trees    Madhya 14.228
  puṣpa-tulasī—flowers and tulasī    Madhya 15.10
  puṣpa-udyāna—flower gardens    Madhya 13.194
  puṣpa-udyāna-vane—in the flower gardens    Madhya 13.200
  puṣpa-udyāne—into the garden at Guṇḍicā where the Lord stays    Madhya 11.55
  puṣpa-udyāne—in a flower garden    Antya 20.137
  puṣpa-vana—flower garden    Adi 17.142
  puṣpa-varṣaḥ—Puṣpa-varṣa    SB 5.20.10
  puṣpa-varṣiṇaḥ—throwing flowers like showers.    SB 8.8.27
  puṣpa-varṣiṇaḥ—showered flowers on Kṛṣṇa.    SB 10.11.44
  puṣpa-ādi—all the flowers and fruits    Madhya 17.204
  puṣpa-ārāma—garden    Madhya 14.105

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