Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: puryam

  puryam—in the city of Dvaraka    SB 3.3.24
  puryam—within the body    SB 3.5.44
  puryam—within the city    SB 4.27.18
  puryam—the city    SB 4.28.13

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: puryam

  madhu-puryam—in the city of Mathura    Adi 6.68
  sva-puryam—along with their residential place    SB 1.13.11
  sva-puryam—in His own city    SB 1.14.35-36
  sva-puryam—along with His family    SB 3.1.12
  yadu-puryam—in Dvaraka, in the residential quarters of the Yadus    SB 10.1.11
  anarta-puryam—of Dvaraka    SB 1.14.25