Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purusaya

  puruñäya—the Supreme Person    SB 4.9.6, SB 4.24.42, SB 6.5.27-28, SB 8.3.13, SB 8.16.29
  puruñäya—unto the person    SB 4.17.29, SB 4.21.52, SB 6.3.30
  puruñäya—unto the Supreme Person    SB 4.30.42, SB 7.10.10, SB 8.3.2
  puruñäya—Personality of Godhead    SB 2.4.12
  puruñäya—unto the Personality of Godhead    SB 4.1.56
  puruñäya—unto the Supersoul    SB 4.3.22
  puruñäya—Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.17.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: purusaya

  mahä-puruñäya—unto the Supreme Person    SB 5.18.35, SB 5.23.8
  mahä-puruñäya—the supreme enjoyer    SB 6.16.25, SB 6.19.8
  mahä-puruñäya—who are the Supreme person    SB 5.17.17
  mahä-puruñäya—unto the Supreme Lord, who is worshiped by the puruña-sükta because of being the cause of this material creation    SB 5.19.3
  mahä-puruñäya—the best of enjoyers    SB 6.19.7
  pradhäna-puruñäya—the Supreme Person    SB 8.16.30