Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purusaih

  puruñaiù—by the man    SB 1.4.24, SB 4.13.4
  puruñaiù—by persons    SB 2.9.9
  puruñaiù—by the people    SB 5.19.19
  puruñaiù—by his lieutenants    SB 10.3.22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: purusaih

  bhagavat-puruñaiù—by the order carriers of the Lord, the Viñëudütas    SB 6.3.3
  sva-puruñaiù—by his own messengers    SB 5.26.6
  sva-puruñaiù—by my own servants    SB 6.3.30
  tat-varña-puruñaiù—the inhabitants of Hari-varña    SB 5.18.7
  varña-puruñaiù—the people of that tract of land    SB 5.18.29
  yama-puruñaiù—by the assistants of Yamaräja    SB 5.26.8