Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purnam

  pūrṇam—absolute    SB 1.7.4, SB 2.6.40-41
  pūrṇam—completely    SB 8.19.42, SB 9.19.18
  pūrṇam—perfectly complete    Iso Invocation
  pūrṇam—who is full and therefore has no need to fulfill desires    SB 8.1.16
  pūrṇam—fully complete    SB 8.12.7
  pūrṇam—complete    Madhya 6.149
  pūrṇam—the complete    Antya 1.136
  pūrṇam—complete unit    Iso Invocation
  pūrṇam—completely, all    Iso Invocation
  pūrṇam—the complete balance    Iso Invocation
  pūrṇām—filled with    Adi 13.19
  pūrṇam āśiṣām—full of all good fortune.    SB 10.8.20

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