Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purnah

  pūrṇaḥ—full    SB 7.2.2, Adi 1.3, Adi 2.5
  pūrṇaḥ—complete    Madhya 17.133, Madhya 20.399
  pūrṇāḥ—complete    Adi 4.208, Madhya 24.183
  pūrṇaḥ—the Supreme Lord. who is full in Himself    SB 5.19.26
  pūrṇaḥ—Pūrṇa    SB 9.2.19
  pūrṇaḥ—completely filled    SB 10.12.31
  pūrṇaḥ—perfect    Madhya 20.400
  pūrṇaḥ—the full Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa    Antya 1.67
  pūrṇāḥ—fully complete    SB 9.4.67
  nija-lābha-pūrṇaḥ—is always satisfied in Himself (He does not need to be satisfied by the service of others)    SB 7.9.11
  sva-pūrṇaḥ—self-sufficient    SB 4.31.22

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