Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purana

  purana—fulfillment.    Adi 1.21, Adi 13.52, Madhya 3.92
  purana—fulfilling    Adi 4.94, Adi 4.119-120, Adi 4.221
  purana—supplement to the Vedas    SB 1.2.3
  purana—old history recorded in the stories of the puranas    SB 8.21.2-3
  purana—the subject matter explained in the Puranas, the old histories, especially the Matsya Purana    SB 8.24.55
  purana—Puranas    Madhya 9.42
  purana—the supplementary Vedic literatures called the Puranas    Madhya 20.145
  purana—satisfied    Adi 4.266
  purana—fulfilled.    Madhya 1.80
  purana—filling    Madhya 3.89

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: purana

  abhista-purana—fulfillment of desires.    Adi 1.103, Adi 11.12, Antya 1.3-4
  abhista-purana—all my purposes will be served.    Madhya 25.280
  sruti-purana kahe—the Vedic literatures and the Puranas confirm    Madhya 25.34
  kurma-purana—of the Kurma Purana    Madhya 1.117
  kurma-purana—the Kurma Purana    Madhya 9.200
  purana sukuta—dried bitter vegetables such as bitter melon.    Antya 10.15-16
  purana-arkah—the Purana which is brilliant like the sun    SB 1.3.43
  purana-arkah—Purana or Vedic literature that shines like the sun    Madhya 24.321
  purana-kalpah—one who knows how to explain the supplements of the Vedas (the Puranas)    SB 3.7.42
  purana-purusam—the oldest among living beings    SB 5.4.4
  purana-vacana—quoting from the Puranas    Madhya 24.343
  purana-vakye—by the words of the Puranas    Madhya 6.148
  purana-adyah—headed by the Puranas    Madhya 22.6
  veda-purana—the Vedas and Puranas    Adi 17.155
  veda-purana—the Vedic literature and the Puranas (supplements to the Vedic literature).    Madhya 20.122
  veda-purana—Vedic literatures    Madhya 20.129
  visnu-purana-adi—Visnu Purana and other Puranas    Adi 7.117
  vanchita purana—fulfillment of all desires.    Adi 12.92
  vanchita-purana—the fulfilling of desires.    Antya 20.144-146
  vancha-purana—fulfilling the desire    Antya 16.47
  agama-purana—the Vedas and Puranas.    Madhya 20.395
  akantha purana—filling to the neck    Antya 11.88