Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pujana

  pūjana—worship.    Adi 8.8, Madhya 12.38
  pūjana—worshiping    Madhya 22.117, Madhya 22.121
  bhavānī-pūjana—worship of Bhavānī, the wife of Lord Śiva    Adi 17.42
  bhavānī-pūjana—worshiping the goddess Bhavānī    Adi 17.52
  karaye pūjana—worship.    Antya 3.101
  karena pūjana—worships    Antya 6.300
  karena pūjana—he worshiped    Antya 6.303
  prabhura pūjana—worship of the Lord.    Madhya 15.7
  sāttvika pūjana—worshiping like a perfect brāhmaṇa, or in the mode of goodness    Antya 6.295
  vyāsa-pūjana—worshiping Vyāsadeva or the spiritual master    Adi 17.16

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