Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prsthe

  prsthe—on the back    SB 3.30.22, SB 5.5.19, SB 5.23.5, SB 8.12.45, SB 8.20.25-29
  prsthe—shell    SB 1.3.16
  prsthe—behind    SB 4.29.53
  prsthe—at the back    Madhya 4.54
  prsthe—behind the back    Madhya 15.24

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prsthe

  abja-prsthe—on top of the lotus    SB 3.8.18
  sila-prsthe—on the surface of a stone    SB 10.4.8
  harmya-prsthe—on the roof of the palace    SB 3.22.17
  ksiti-prsthe—the surface of the globe    SB 4.17.9
  patagendra-prsthe—on the back of Garuda, the king of all birds    SB 6.8.12
  tri-prsthe—on the planet of Brahma (which is situated above the three planetary systems, namely the upper, intermediate and lower worlds)    SB 1.19.23
  tri-prsthe—the three planetary systems    SB 2.7.20