Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: priyah

  priyah—very dear    Bg 7.17, Bg 12.16, SB 2.2.6, SB 4.24.28, SB 6.17.33, SB 7.15.76, Adi 8.19, Madhya 1.76, Madhya 19.50, Madhya 20.58 (and more...)
  priyah—dear    Bg 9.29, Bg 12.18-19, Bg 17.7, SB 1.19.35, SB 3.9.22, SB 3.13.2, SB 3.25.38, SB 4.4.11, SB 6.16.10, SB 6.18.42 (and more...)
  priyah—dear.    Bg 7.17, Bg 12.17, SB 4.4.3, Madhya 23.106-107
  priyah—very dear.    Bg 12.15, SB 3.9.42, SB 4.31.13
  priyah—beloved    SB 3.17.20, SB 6.17.34-35, SB 7.1.1
  priyah—the most dear.    SB 3.32.42, Madhya 19.207-209
  priyah—very, very dear    SB 6.17.33, SB 7.10.49
  priyah—to be served    Madhya 20.138, Madhya 25.136
  priyah—dear.    Bg 12.20, Madhya 23.113
  priyah—lover    Bg 11.44
  priyah—beloved.    SB 1.7.11
  priyah—most beloved    SB 1.10.17
  priyah—the beloved    SB 2.9.19
  priyah—who is dear    SB 4.31.21
  priyah—most dear.    SB 5.1.41
  priyah—very dear friend    SB 5.6.18
  priyah—the dear one    SB 7.6.2
  priyah—the dear    SB 7.7.49
  priyah—palatable.    Bg 17.8-10
  priyah—dear    SB 1.4.31
  priyah—attractive.    SB 1.4.31
  priyah—very dear to me    SB 4.24.30
  priyah—extremely pleasing    SB 7.10.12
  priyah—O dear ones.    Adi 4.176

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: priyah

  me priyah—very dear to Me.    Madhya 23.109, Madhya 23.110
  acyuta-priyah—very dear to Lord Krsna, who never fails    SB 6.17.34-35
  amara-priyah—very dear even to the demigods    SB 9.4.24
  ati-priyah—very dear    Antya 15.33
  bhagavat-priyah—who is always very, very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 7.13.12-13
  bhagavat-priyah—the most favored devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.22.12
  bhagavat-priyah—who are also Vaisnavas, very dear to the Personality of Godhead    SB 6.15.11
  bhagavat-priyah—dear devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Adi 4.163
  bhagavat-priyah—those who are very, very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Madhya 8.216
  bhakta-jana-priyah—I am dependent not only on My devotee but also on My devoteeís devotee (the devoteeís devotee is extremely dear to Me).    SB 9.4.63
  bhakta-priyah—under the circumstances You become favorable to the devotees    SB 8.23.8
  sri-vasudeva-priyah—very dear to Sri Vasudeva Datta Thakura    Antya 6.263
  ekanta-jana-priyah—most beloved by the devotees    SB 8.24.31
  indriya-priyah—a person attached to sense gratification.    SB 5.18.10
  kadana-priyah—who are expert in persecuting others.    SB 7.2.13
  matta-jana-priyah—very dear to the crazy beings    SB 4.2.14-15
  me priyah—My very dear devotee.    Madhya 23.108
  paroksa-priyah—interesting by indirect description    SB 4.28.65
  priyah asi—you are dear    Madhya 22.57-58
  sah me priyah—he is dear to Me.    Bg 12.13-14
  suhrt-priyah—dear to the relatives    SB 4.3.15
  sura-priyah—being the friend of the demigods    SB 7.1.12
  sura-priyah—because He is naturally very dear to the devotees.    SB 8.5.23
  sura-priyah—beautiful public women known as Apsaras, celestial girls.    SB 8.15.19
  urukrama-priyah—Dhruva Maharaja, who was very dear to the Lord    SB 4.12.28
  vanita-priyah—as a man becomes very attractive to women    SB 9.3.15
  visnu-jana-priyah—who is very dear to the Vaisnavas, devotees of Lord Visnu.    Madhya 24.117
  vipra-priyah—very dear to the brahmanas and Vaisnavas    SB-4.21.39