Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pretya

  pretya—after death    Bg 17.28, Bg 18.12, SB 3.30.30, SB 4.14.17, SB 4.21.26, SB 6.1.7, SB 7.11.31
  pretya—after dying    SB 5.26.28, SB 5.26.32, SB 5.26.33, SB 5.26.36, SB 7.6.15
  pretya—destination after death    SB 1.12.2
  pretya—dying    SB 5.26.23
  pretya āgatam iva—thought that it was as if the boys had returned from death    SB 10.11.54
  pretya-āgatam—as if Kṛṣṇa had returned from death (no one could even imagine that from such danger a child could be saved)    SB 10.6.43

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