Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: premna

  premna—with love    SB 1.8.45, SB 7.11.26-27
  premna—due to affection    SB 4.4.3
  premna—out of love    SB 4.8.67
  premna—out of affection    SB 4.18.28
  premna—in ecstasy    SB 4.20.18
  premna—with love and affection    SB 4.28.43
  premna—in ecstatic love    SB 9.10.35-38
  premna—by ecstatic love    Madhya 8.69
  premna—in great ecstatic love    Madhya 14.1
  premna—with transcendental love    Madhya 23.84-85

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: premna

  premna anuvrttya—because of service rendered to the husband with love and faith    SB 9.10.55
  yat-premna—by his love    Madhya 4.1