Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prayatah

  prayatah—with great attention    SB 4.8.71, SB 7.10.47
  prayatah—one who goes    Bg 8.23, Bg 8.24
  prayatah—carefully    SB 1.3.29
  prayatah—with proper attention    SB 2.2.14
  prayatah—having a subdued mind    SB 4.7.25
  prayatah—with great care    SB 4.12.48
  prayatah—meditating upon    SB 5.23.8
  prayatah—with great attention (after finishing the funeral ceremony of your dead son)    SB 6.15.27

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing prayatah.