Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pravina

  pravina—very experienced    Adi 16.34, Madhya 14.156
  pravina—experienced    Madhya 9.254, Madhya 16.262
  pravina—very expert    Adi 15.6
  pravina—enriched    Madhya 5.22
  pravina—an experienced person.    Madhya 19.69
  pravina—prominence.    Madhya 19.218
  pravina—and very expert or experienced in all subject matters.    Madhya 24.182
  pravina—very learned scholar    Antya 13.92

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pravina

  aisvarya-pravina—prominence of awe and reverence.    Madhya 19.193
  sastre pravina—experienced in the learning of the sastras    Antya 4.167
  pravina karila—made him fully experienced.    Madhya 19.117