Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prasraya

  prasraya—being overtaken    SB 1.9.11
  prasraya—very humbly    SB 4.12.22
  prasraya—by humbleness    SB 4.22.4
  prasraya—of good behavior    SB 5.4.19
  prasraya—very gentle    SB 5.9.1-2
  prasraya—due to indulgence    Antya 12.60
  prasraya—by respectful behavior    SB 4.11.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prasraya

  prasraya-avanatam—bowing in humility    SB 6.14.16
  prasraya-avanatam—very gentle and mild    SB 7.8.3-4
  prasraya-avanatah—naturally very gentle and meek    SB 1.13.7
  prasraya-avanatah—being bent low due to humility    SB 6.14.22
  prasraya-avanata—always very submissive and ready to satisfy the husband    SB 9.10.55
  prasraya-silabhyam—by most gentle behavior    SB 4.22.62
  prasraya-pagala—became mad by such indulgence.    Adi 17.140
  prasraya-van—very humble    SB 10.13.64