Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prasna

  praçna—question    SB 2.10.51, Adi 17.103, Adi 17.107, Madhya 9.254, Madhya 24.69
  praçna—inquiry    Adi 17.172
  praçna—a question    Madhya 16.73
  praçna—questions    Madhya 20.95-96

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prasna

  praçna kailä—inquired    Madhya 20.65, Madhya 20.95-96
  kuçala-praçna—questions about auspicious news    Antya 1.49
  nava praçna—nine different types of questions    Madhya 9.50
  praçna kaila—asked a question    Madhya 9.23
  praçna kaila—put a question    Madhya 21.63
  praçna kaila—inquired    Antya 9.55
  praçna karena—put questions    Madhya 19.124
  praçna kari—making the question    Antya 5.64
  praçna karite—to inquire    Madhya 20.94
  praçna lägi—just to inquire from you    Adi 17.152
  praçna-uttara—of questions and answers    Madhya 8.243
  praçna-uttara—the questions and answers    Madhya 8.295
  praçna-uttare—in the form of questions and answers    Madhya 24.319