Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prasangat

  prasaṅgāt—by the intimate association    Madhya 22.86, Madhya 23.16
  prasaṅgāt—from the topics    SB 3.9.7
  prasaṅgāt—through the association    SB 3.25.25
  prasaṅgāt—from the heart    SB 4.4.14
  prasaṅgāt—because of their association    SB 4.11.9
  prasaṅgāt—because of bad association or increased association with material desires    SB 7.9.28
  prasaṅgāt—by intimate association    Adi 1.60
  asat-prasaṅgāt—by association of nondevotees who are against the Vedic principles and who manufacture different paths of religion    SB 5.14.13
  vāri-cara-prasaṅgāt—because of the affairs of the aquatics    SB 9.6.50

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