Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prasade

  prasāde—by the mercy    Adi 2.16, Madhya 5.19, Madhya 7.69, Madhya 8.196, Madhya 19.151, Antya 7.37, Antya 7.133, Antya 11.10
  prasāde—by mercy    Adi 11.12, Madhya 10.27, Madhya 13.60
  prasāde—by the grace    Adi 1.95, Adi 16.85
  prasāde—on achievement of the causeless mercy of the Lord    Bg 2.65
  prasāde—in charity or in munificence    SB 1.12.23
  prasāde—by the mercy of    Adi 9.5
  prasāde—with all the prasāda    Madhya 14.35
  prasāde—in the remnants of Lord Jagannātha's food    Antya 6.324
  prasāde—prasāda    Antya 10.154-155
  tomāra prasāde—by Your mercy    Adi 17.220, Madhya 7.67, Madhya 12.181, Madhya 21.76, Antya 11.35
  caitanya-prasāde—by the mercy of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 6.224, Madhya 6.278
  tāṅra prasāde—by his mercy    Antya 7.22, Antya 7.49
  advaita-prasāde—by the mercy of Advaita Ācārya    Adi 6.114
  ihāra prasāde—by the grace of this transcendental hearing    Madhya 25.269
  ihāra prasāde—by hearing these teachings of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 25.270
  ihāra prasāde—by her favor    Antya 14.30
  mahā-prasāde—in the remnants of the Lord's food    Madhya 6.231
  sādhu-guru-prasāde—by the mercy of saintly persons and devotees in the transcendental position    Madhya 25.277
  tomāra prasāde—by your kindness    Madhya 17.76
  tāṅ-sabāra prasāde—by the mercy of all of them    Madhya 12.9
  ācārya-prasāde—by the mercy of Advaita Ācārya    Madhya 16.226

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