Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prasadah

  prasadah—the favor    Madhya 8.80, Madhya 8.232, Madhya 9.121, Antya 7.29
  prasadah—the symbol of mercy.    SB 7.9.26
  prasadah—benediction or blessing    SB 7.9.27
  prasadah—jolliness in any condition of life    SB 7.11.22
  prasadah—palaces    SB 1.11.30

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prasadah

  bhagavat-prasadah—the special mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 6.11.23
  bhagavat-prasadah—the blessings of the Lord    SB 3.23.7
  manah-prasadah—satisfaction of the mind    Bg 17.16
  atma-prasadah—self-satisfaction    SB 2.3.12