Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pranata

  praṇata—surrendered    SB 3.9.22
  praṇata—one who is surrendered    SB 4.8.46
  praṇata—offering obeisances    Adi 8.4
  praṇata—bow down    Adi 17.265
  praṇatā—surrendered    SB 4.17.28
  praṇatā—having offered obeisances    SB 8.22.19
  praṇata-bhāra—bowed down because of loads    Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  praṇata haila—offered obeisances    Madhya 25.22
  praṇata-paṭalīnām—of the groups of the devotees    Adi 4.51
  praṇata-ārti-hā—who can deliver His devotees from the greatest danger    SB 4.9.52
  praṇata-ātma—surrendered soul    SB 4.7.30
  praṇatā asmi—I bow down    SB 5.18.39
  praṇatā asmi—let me surrender    SB 10.8.41

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