Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pramana

  pramāṇa—evidence    Adi 4.274, Adi 6.54, Adi 7.132, Adi 8.14, Adi 13.9, Madhya 6.135, Madhya 9.145, Madhya 12.32, Madhya 24.343, Antya 7.12
  pramāṇa—evidence.    Adi 5.176, Adi 6.54, Madhya 5.27, Madhya 5.79, Madhya 6.135, Madhya 13.67, Antya 5.44, Antya 15.53
  pramāṇa—the evidence.    Madhya 6.89, Madhya 6.198, Madhya 22.97, Madhya 23.60, Antya 19.107
  pramāṇa—examples    Adi 3.55
  pramāṇa—the proof    Adi 4.179
  pramāṇa—there are evidences.    Adi 7.117
  pramāṇa—proof    Adi 7.123
  pramāṇa—injunction.    Madhya 10.144
  svataḥ-pramāṇa—self-evident    Adi 7.132, Madhya 6.179
  anumāna pramāṇa—evidence by hypothesis    Madhya 6.82
  brahmāṇḍa-pramāṇa—measurement of the universe    Adi 5.97
  śāstra-pramāṇa—evidence of revealed scriptures    Madhya 12.191
  śāstra-pramāṇa—the verdict of all Vedic literature.    Madhya 24.75
  śāstrera pramāṇa—the verdict of all Vedic literature.    Madhya 6.147
  e satya pramāṇa—this is factual evidence    Madhya 13.152
  ei ta pramāṇa—this is the evidence.    Madhya 16.66
  ke kare pramāṇa—who will accept this as evidential proof.    Madhya 24.322
  parama pramāṇa—the supreme evidence.    Madhya 25.29
  pramāṇa-lakṣaṇa-saṁsthānataḥ—from the angle of dimensions, particular characteristics and form    SB 5.20.1
  pramāṇa-lakṣaṇataḥ—according to measurement (fifty crores of yojanas, or four billion miles in width and length) and characteristics    SB 5.21.1
  pramāṇa-ābhāsa—imperfect evidence    SB 6.9.36
  sei ta pramāṇa—that is evidence.    Madhya 1.179
  svataḥ-pramāṇa—self-evidence    Madhya 6.137
  tāra ei ta pramāṇa—this is the evidence of that    Madhya 21.78
  yāvat-pramāṇa-vistāraḥ—as much as the measure of its width, namely 100,000 yojanas (one yojana equals eight miles)    SB 5.20.2

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