Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: praksalana

  prakṣālana—washing    Adi 7.59, Adi 17.82, Madhya 12.100, Madhya 12.119, Madhya 12.139
  prakṣālana—washing.    Antya 7.94
  pāda-prakṣālana—washing the feet    Madhya 3.40, Madhya 20.73
  pāda-prakṣālana—washing of the feet    Madhya 9.83, Madhya 19.85
  kaila prakṣālana—washed.    Madhya 12.119
  karila prakṣālana—washed.    Madhya 12.120
  mandira prakṣālana—washing of the temple    Madhya 12.97
  prakṣālana kaila—washed    Madhya 12.121
  prakṣālana kari—washing    Madhya 4.139
  pāda prakṣālana—washing of the lotus feet    Madhya 7.122
  pāda prakṣālana—washing the feet    Madhya 15.223
  pāda prakṣālana kari—after washing His feet    Antya 12.124

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