Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prakrti

  prakṛti—material nature    Bg 13.20, Bg 13.35, Bg 14.5, Bg 15.7, SB 1.15.31, Adi 5.58, Adi 5.61, Madhya 25.110
  prakṛti—to material nature    SB 3.31.14, SB 5.3.4-5, SB 5.23.3, Adi 5.59, Adi 5.60, Madhya 20.272
  prakṛti—by nature    SB 4.14.31, SB 5.5.31, SB 7.8.3-4, Antya 1.139
  prakṛti—characteristics.    Madhya 18.117, Madhya 18.120
  prakṛti—nature    Madhya 20.357, Madhya 25.50
  prakṛti—natural    SB 3.2.31
  prakṛti—by the ministers    SB 4.14.2
  prakṛti—in material nature    SB 4.20.8
  prakṛti—existence    SB 4.25.62
  prakṛti—material elements    SB 4.28.56
  prakṛti—by full performances    SB 5.7.5
  prakṛti—such behavior    SB 8.24.2-3
  prakṛti—the material energy    Madhya 20.259
  prakṛti—material energy    Madhya 20.261
  prakṛti—matter    Antya 5.112
  prakṛti—nature.    Antya 6.320
  prakṛti—female    Antya 7.103
  prakṛti—wife    Antya 12.53
  dāravī prakṛti—a wooden statue of a woman    Antya 2.118
  nārada-prakṛti—with the nature of Nārada Muni    Madhya 14.215
  prakrti-sahite—with the material energy    Adi 5.86
  prakṛti darśana kaile—if someone sees women with a sensual propensity    Antya 2.165
  prakṛti sambhāṣaṇa—intimate talking with a woman    Antya 2.117
  prakṛti sambhāṣiyā—talking intimately with women.    Antya 2.120
  prakṛti-darśane—by seeing a woman    Antya 5.35-36
  prakṛti-dharmaṇaḥ—of Him, by whom the three guṇas, or qualities of material nature    SB 7.9.33
  prakṛti-īśvarāya—the supreme controller of this cosmic manifestation    SB 5.14.45
  prakṛti-guṇāḥ—the modes of material nature    SB 5.25.9
  prakṛti-jaiḥ—out of the modes of material nature    Bg 3.5
  prakṛti-jaiḥ—under the influence of material nature    Bg 18.40
  prakṛti-jān—produced by the material nature    Bg 13.22
  prakṛti-puruṣayoḥ—the jurisdiction of the three modes of material nature    SB 5.3.4-5
  prakṛti-saha—with the material nature    Adi 5.86
  prakṛti-saṅgena—because of association with the material nature    SB 6.1.55
  prakṛti-sambhāṣī—one who talks with women    Antya 2.124
  prakṛti-sparśana—the Lord glances over the material nature    Madhya 20.273
  prakṛti-sthaḥ—being situated in the material energy    Bg 13.22
  prakṛti-sthaḥ—being in contact with material nature    SB 1.11.38
  prakṛti-sthaḥ—residing in the material body    SB 3.27.1
  prakṛti-sthaḥ—situated in the material nature    Adi 2.55
  prakṛti-sthaḥ—within this material world    Adi 5.87
  prakṛti-sthena—happy    SB 5.8.14
  prakṛti-viklavā—by nature always afraid of being killed by others    SB 5.8.4
  prakṛti-vinīta—by nature very humble and meek    Madhya 6.69
  āpaura-prakṛti—among all the citizens and government officers    SB 5.4.5

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