Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prakrteh

  prakåteù—of material nature    Bg 3.27, SB 1.7.23, SB 3.26.8, SB 3.26.17, SB 3.27.2, SB 3.27.19, SB 3.29.1-2, SB 4.22.51, SB 4.29.4, SB 4.29.26-27 (and more...)
  prakåteù—of the material nature    SB 1.2.23, SB 3.26.6, SB 6.12.15
  prakåteù—of matter    SB 3.27.9, SB 3.32.31
  prakåteù—impelled by the material modes    Bg 3.29
  prakåteù—modes    Bg 3.33
  prakåteù—by the force of nature    Bg 9.8
  prakåteù—of the material cosmos    SB 1.8.18
  prakåteù—of the material energy    SB 2.4.9
  prakåteù—for expanding Himself    SB 3.3.9
  prakåteù—of matter (woman)    SB 3.25.11
  prakåteù—of His energies    SB 3.26.9
  prakåteù—whose nature    SB 6.12.21
  prakåteù—to the material world    SB 8.16.19
  prakåteù—material nature    Madhya 20.313

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prakrteh

  aléna-prakåteù—of one who is not freed from the clutches of mäyä    SB 6.1.2
  prakåteù ca—as well as of the officers and ministers    SB 6.14.52
  prakåteù guëänäm—of the modes of material nature    SB 3.25.27
  prakåteù param—transcendental to material existence    SB 3.25.17
  prakåteù paraù—beyond this material world    SB 3.26.3