Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prajapatih

  prajapatih—King Daksa    SB 4.7.10, SB 4.7.12
  prajapatih—Brahma    Bg 11.39
  prajapatih—the progenitor.    SB 3.14.37
  prajapatih—Kasyapa    SB 3.17.18
  prajapatih—the Prajapati (Kardama).    SB 3.23.34
  prajapatih—the progenitor of human society    SB 3.24.41
  prajapatih—one who is entrusted with begetting children    SB 4.1.3
  prajapatih—of the name Prajapati    SB 5.23.5
  prajapatih—the prajapati (Daksa)    SB 6.4.19
  prajapatih—Daksa, the generator of living entities    SB 6.4.20
  prajapatih—the prajapati known as Daksa.    SB 6.4.40
  prajapatih—Prajapati Daksa    SB 6.5.34
  prajapatih—Lord Brahma    SB 6.18.30
  prajapatih—Kasyapa Muni    SB 8.18.11
  prajapatih—a Prajapati    SB 10.3.32

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: prajapatih

  sri-prajapatih uvaca—the prajapati Daksa said    SB 6.4.23
  visvakarma prajapatih—Visvakarma, one of the prajapatis, the sons of Lord Brahma who generate progeny    SB 8.8.16