Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pradhanah

  pradhanah—chiefly    SB 1.18.15
  pradhanah—the foremost.    SB 1.19.21
  pradhanah—the chief    SB 2.3.25
  pradhanah—being prominent    SB 2.5.23
  pradhanah—he whose chief interest is    SB 4.20.15
  pradhanah—headed by    SB 4.1.40
  pradhanah—older than.    SB 5.4.10
  pradhanah—who are the prominent ones    SB 5.24.29
  pradhanah—although they are leaders of their own societies.    SB 8.5.31
  pradhanah—and others headed by them    SB 9.4.53-54

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pradhanah

  bhagavat-pradhanah—chiefly devoted to the Personality of Godhead    SB 3.8.1
  bhagavata-pradhanah—Sukadeva Gosvami, the chief among the pure devotees.    SB 10.1.14
  bhagavata-pradhanah—the most elevated devotee    Madhya 25.128
  maghavat-pradhanah—headed by Indra    SB 5.5.21-22
  muni-pradhanah—the chief amongst the sages    SB 3.7.42
  sattva-pradhanah—chiefly in the mode of goodness    SB 6.3.14-15
  tri-guna-pradhanah—influenced by the three modes of material nature    SB 9.8.22