Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prabhoh

  prabhoḥ—of the Lord    SB 7.15.68, SB 8.17.21, SB 10.1.11, Madhya 2.1
  prabhoḥ—of the master.    SB 3.10.17, SB 8.7.38
  prabhoḥ—of his master    SB 1.13.36
  prabhoḥ—of Lord Brahmā    SB 3.20.41
  prabhoḥ—of the lord (Śiva).    SB 4.6.8
  prabhoḥ—powerful    SB 4.17.6-7
  prabhoḥ—for the supreme maintainer    SB 8.22.20
  prabhoḥ—the Lord, the controller    SB 9.6.14
  prabhoḥ—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.19.27-28

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing prabhoh.