Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pituh

  pituḥ—of the father    SB 4.8.24, SB 4.13.6, SB-4.21.28-29, SB 4.24.19, SB 6.5.20, SB 6.6.33-36, SB 6.14.36, SB 7.4.46, SB 9.18.34, SB 9.18.44 (and more...)
  pituḥ—of His father    SB 3.33.33, SB 4.9.45, SB 4.9.58-59, SB 4.19.17, SB 7.10.24, SB 9.7.16, SB 9.16.8, SB 9.16.16, SB 9.16.20, SB 9.18.45
  pituḥ—of your father    SB 4.30.11, SB 7.10.22, SB 9.3.21
  pituḥ—of my father    SB-4.21.28-29, SB 7.9.29
  pituḥ—of their father    SB 4.30.3, SB 5.4.13
  pituḥ—from the father    SB 5.9.4, SB 9.9.30
  pituḥ—from my father    SB 2.1.8
  pituḥ—from your father    SB 4.3.20
  pituḥ—from his father.    SB 9.2.32
  pituḥ—of their father (Mahārāja Sagara)    SB 9.8.8
  pituḥ—before her father    SB 9.18.24
  pituḥ—the father    SB 9.18.43
  pituḥ—of His father (Vasudeva)    SB 10.1.9
  asmat pituḥ—of our father, Hiraṇyakaśipu    SB 7.9.23
  mātuḥ pituḥ vā—or (does it belong) to the father of the mother (because sometimes the father of the mother takes a grandson as an adopted son)    SB 10.10.11
  satya-pāśa-parivīta-pituḥ—of His father, who was bound by the promise to his wife    SB 9.10.8
  sva-pituḥ—of your own father    SB 6.5.9
  sva-pituḥ vadham—their father’s having been killed (by Paraśurāma)    SB 9.16.9

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