Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pitroh

  pitroh—of the father    SB 1.11.28, SB 4.4.3
  pitroh—of the father and mother    SB 6.1.24, SB 7.5.36
  pitroh—of your uncles    SB 1.13.37
  pitroh—of the uncles    SB 1.13.39
  pitroh—of the parents    SB 3.2.17
  pitroh—unto the forefathers    SB 7.14.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pitroh

  pitroh sampasyatoh—while His father and mother were factually seeing Him    SB 10.3.46
  sva-pitroh—own parents    SB 3.3.1