Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pitrnam

  pitrnam—of the forefathers    SB 2.6.43-45, SB 3.7.33, Madhya 22.141
  pitrnam—of the Pita planets    SB 3.11.11
  pitrnam—of forefathers    SB 4.15.8
  pitrnam—of those on the planet known as Pitrloka    SB 5.22.9
  pitrnam—of us, who are just like your fathers    SB 6.7.27
  pitrnam—of the parents    SB 6.7.31
  pitrnam—of the ancestors    Bg 10.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pitrnam

  sva-pitrnam—of his forefathers    SB 9.9.10