Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pitara

  pitära—of the father    Madhya 5.19, Madhya 5.62
  pitara—of the father    Adi 14.87
  pitära—his father's    Adi 12.14
  pitära—of a father    Adi 14.89
  pitära—my father    Madhya 5.59
  pitära—of my father    Antya 6.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pitara

  mätä-pitära—of the parents    Adi 15.13
  mätä-pitära—of the father and mother    Antya 6.15
  mätä-pitära—of the mother and father    Antya 13.113
  pitära çikñäte—by the teaching of my father    Madhya 24.242
  pitära sambandhe—in relationship to my father    Madhya 6.54