Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: phalam

  phalam—result    Bg 14.16, Bg 17.21, Bg 18.9, Bg 18.12, SB 3.30.30, SB 4.22.51, SB 6.6.9, Madhya 9.33, Antya 3.85
  phalam—the result    Bg 17.12, SB 5.15.12, SB 5.17.9, SB 8.9.28, SB 9.4.45
  phalam—result.    Bg 5.4, Bg 14.16, SB 4.21.26, SB 7.7.41
  phalam—results    Bg 2.51, Bg 18.8
  phalam—fruits    Bg 7.23
  phalam—a fruit    Bg 9.26
  phalam—result of sacrifice    Bg 17.25
  phalam—fruit    SB 1.1.3
  phalam—fruitive result    SB 3.7.34
  phalam—the resultant action    SB 5.11.6
  phalam—results of action    SB 6.9.35
  phalam—the fruit    Adi 4.155
  phalam—the perfect result of the action    Madhya 20.61
  phalam—the perfection of activities    Madhya 20.61
  phalam—fruit (which has come down without being distorted)    Madhya 25.151
  jihvā-phalam—the perfection of the tongue    Madhya 20.61
  karma-phalam—the results of all activities    Bg 5.12
  karma-phalam—the result of work    Bg 6.1
  karma-phalam—the reaction of fruitive activities    SB 5.26.3
  kriyā-phalam—the result of such sacrifice    SB 5.7.6
  kriyā-phalam—the results of moving the body here and there, such as feeling fatigue    SB 5.12.4
  kriyā-phalam—the result of any fruitive activity    SB 6.16.11
  phalam adya—I shall give you the result today    SB 9.10.22
  phalam icchatām—of persons who desire material benefit    SB 9.21.15
  puṇya-phalam—the result of pious work    Bg 8.28
  puṣpa-phalam—the flower and the fruit    SB 8.19.39
  pākhaṇḍa-anugatam phalam—the result of accepting an atheistic path    SB 5.26.15
  tat-phalam—the particular result of that    SB 6.1.45
  vyalīka-phalam—as a result of cheating    SB 8.21.34

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