Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pavitra

  pavitra—purified    SB 2.7.4, Madhya 3.5, Madhya 6.8, Madhya 11.189, Madhya 15.87, Madhya 16.184, Antya 4.129-130, Antya 5.30, Antya 7.9
  pavitra—purified.    Adi 17.217, Antya 3.97
  pavitra—pure    Madhya 6.136, Madhya 15.84
  pavitra—sacred    SB 3.16.7
  pavitra—purified, ungrudgingly    Madhya 12.116

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pavitra

  jagat-pavitra-atmani—in He whose body can purify the whole world    SB 9.8.12
  parama pavitra—perfectly purified    Madhya 3.96
  parama pavitra—highly purified    Madhya 15.89
  parama pavitra—most purified    Madhya 15.275
  parama pavitra kari—with great attention to keep them pure    Madhya 15.85
  parama-pavitra—supremely pure    Madhya 15.69
  pavitra ha-ila—you have become pure.    Madhya 18.205
  pavitra ha-inu—have become purified    Antya 16.21
  pavitra ha-ite—just to become purified    Madhya 11.189
  pavitra kailun—I have purified    Antya 5.31
  pavitra karite—to purify    Madhya 10.11
  pavitra-ausadhibhih—mixed with pure herbs    SB 10.7.13-15
  pavitra-gathah—whose pure narrations    SB 6.3.27
  pavitra-karmane—whose actions have no reaction (even though doing contrary things, He remains without contamination by the material modes)    SB 7.8.40
  pavitra-kirte—O supreme purity    SB 4.21.49
  pavitra-kirtim—whose fame is pure    SB 4.4.14