Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paurusam

  pauruṣam—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.26.16, SB 9.5.5, SB 10.3.28
  pauruṣam—ability    Bg 7.8
  pauruṣam—distressing to others    Bg 18.25
  pauruṣam—plenary portion as the puruṣa incarnation    SB 1.3.1
  pauruṣam—of His Lordship    SB 2.10.14
  pauruṣam—powerful actions    SB 4.15.25
  pauruṣam—human    SB 7.6.5
  pauruṣam—pertaining to the Supreme Person    SB 10.2.17
  pauruṣam—the puruṣa incarnation    Adi 5.84
  alpa-pauruṣam—whose power is meager    SB 3.18.4
  pauruṣam rūpam—the form of the puruṣa incarnation    Madhya 20.266

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