Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pauganda

  paugaṇḍa—boyhood    Adi 2.98, Adi 4.112, Adi 4.113, Madhya 20.247, Madhya 20.384, Madhya 20.394
  paugaṇḍa—early boyhood    Adi 13.18, Adi 13.22
  paugaṇḍa—of the age from five years to ten years    Adi 15.3
  paugaṇḍa—the boyhood age before youth    Madhya 19.103
  paugaṇḍa—in boyhood    Madhya 20.377
  paugaṇḍa vayasa—the part of boyhood known as paugaṇḍa    Adi 13.26
  paugaṇḍa vayase—in His early age    Adi 15.32
  paugaṇḍa-līlā—the pastimes of the paugaṇḍa age    Adi 15.4
  paugaṇḍa-līlāra—of the pastimes of His early age    Adi 15.31
  paugaṇḍa-līlāra—of the pastimes of the paugaṇḍa (boyhood) age    Adi 17.326
  paugaṇḍa-vayase—in the age of paugaṇḍa    Adi 13.28
  paugaṇḍa-vayase—in that age between five and ten years    Adi 15.3

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