Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: patre

  patre—in a pot    SB 4.18.16, SB 4.18.17
  patre—suitable person    Bg 17.20
  patre—pots    SB 4.18.26
  patre—the most worthy recipient    SB 5.24.19
  patre—unto the suitable person    SB 7.15.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: patre

  anna-patre—on the plate for food    Madhya 15.61
  aranya-patre—in the pot of the forest    SB 4.18.23-24
  bila-patre—in the pot of snake holes    SB 4.18.22
  jala-patre—waterpots    Madhya 3.56
  lauha-patre—in the iron pot    Adi 10.68
  lauha-patre—from the iron pot    Adi 17.70
  maha-patre—unto the maha-patra    Madhya 16.197
  mrt-patre—earthen pots    Madhya 4.117
  mrt-patre—in pots of earth    Antya 10.36
  nava-patre—in new pots    Madhya 4.65
  puja-patre—on the dish that holds flowers and tulasi    Madhya 15.10
  paka-patre—the cooking pots    Antya 3.37
  sei patre—on that palm leaf    Antya 1.98
  tina patre—in three pots    Madhya 3.53
  tala-patre—the palm leaf    Madhya 1.66
  tala-patre—on a palm leaf    Antya 1.80
  vata-patre—on the leaf of a banyan tree    SB 3.33.4
  ama-patre—into an unbaked earthen pot    SB 4.18.18