Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: patnyah

  patnyaḥ—wives    SB 9.20.34, SB 9.24.45, SB 10.1.11
  patnyāḥ—of the wife    SB 1.15.10, SB 6.19.17
  patnyaḥ—the ladies (wives of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa)    SB 1.11.31
  patnyaḥ—the wives    SB 6.6.23
  patnyāḥ—wife of (the Ganges)    SB 1.19.17
  patnyāḥ—the wife    SB 6.6.10-11
  patnyāḥ—of his wife    SB 9.16.5
  sa-patnyāḥ—of the co-wife    SB 4.8.14, SB 4.9.29, SB 4.11.28
  deva-patnyaḥ—the wives of the demigods    SB 4.23.23
  dharma-patnyaḥ—the wives of Yamarāja    SB 6.6.4
  dvija-patnyaḥ—the wives of the brāhmaṇas    SB 4.5.7
  patnyaḥ ūcuḥ—the wives of the executors of the sacrifice said    SB 4.7.33
  sa-patnyaḥ—co-wives    SB 7.9.40
  sa-patnyāḥ—of her co-wife (Sunīti)    SB 4.8.10
  sa-patnyāḥ—spoken by her co-wife    SB 4.8.16
  tat-patnyaḥ—his wives    SB 1.14.27
  tat-patnyaḥ—their wives    SB 4.3.4
  tat-patnyaḥ—the wives of the oceans and seas, namely the rivers    SB 7.4.17
  tat-patnyaḥ—all his wives    SB 9.6.53

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