Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: patinam

  patinam—of the husbands    SB 1.15.50

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: patinam

  dam-patinam—regarding husband and wife    SB 1.14.4
  dam-patinam—of the husband and wife.    SB 5.18.13
  dam-patinam—of men and women united by marriage    SB 7.13.26
  praja-patinam—of the demigods like Brahma and others    SB 3.7.25
  praja-patinam—of the Prajapatis    SB 3.22.20
  tat-varsa-patinam—the ruler of that land    SB 5.18.15
  vacah-patinam—of great orators    SB 4.16.2