Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pathe

  pathe—on the way    Madhya 1.96, Madhya 1.141, Madhya 4.12, Madhya 7.38, Madhya 7.97, Madhya 7.105, Madhya 9.7-8, Madhya 9.14, Madhya 11.125, Madhya 17.17 (and more...)
  pathe—on the road    Adi 10.55, Madhya 1.148, Madhya 1.157, Madhya 1.165, Madhya 7.20, Madhya 11.126, Madhya 16.158, Madhya 16.251, Madhya 17.7, Madhya 17.152 (and more...)
  pathe—on the path    Madhya 3.18-19, Madhya 13.25, Madhya 17.28, Madhya 18.147, Madhya 24.240, Antya 4.6, Antya 6.188, Antya 13.81, Antya 13.91
  pathe—along the way    Madhya 9.341
  pathe—by the path    Antya 12.120
  gaṅgā-tīra-pathe—the path on the bank of the Ganges    Madhya 1.241, Madhya 18.158, Madhya 18.214
  gaṅgā-pathe—on the road on the bank of the Ganges    Madhya 25.212, Antya 1.51
  pathe yāite—while passing on the road    Madhya 7.131-132, Antya 12.114
  pathe-pathe—on the way    Madhya 1.103, Madhya 1.103
  rāja-pathe—on the public road    Madhya 25.212, Antya 1.51
  sei pathe—on that path.    Antya 6.167, Antya 13.84
  vana-pathe—on the forest path    Madhya 17.12, Madhya 24.231
  vana-pathe—through the forest path    Madhya 17.68, Madhya 25.256
  vana-pathe—on the path in the forest    Madhya 17.69, Antya 4.209
  vana-pathe—on the path through the forest    Madhya 17.74, Madhya 19.10
  ardha-pathe—halfway along the path    Antya 6.168
  asat-pathe—in temporary matter    SB 2.6.34
  asat-pathe—on the path of material activities    SB 6.2.12
  bhuvaneśvara-pathe—on the way to Bhuvaneśvara    Madhya 5.140
  calibāra pathe—on the route of walking    Madhya 16.118
  chatrabhoga-pathe—on the path of Chatrabhoga.    Madhya 3.216
  dharma-pathe—on the path of piety    SB 4.16.13
  dāna-ghāṭi-pathe—on the way leading toward the spot from where one crosses the river to the other side    Madhya 14.171
  īkṣā-pathe—in front    SB 2.5.13
  īkṣā-pathe—in the line of sight    Madhya 22.32
  gaṅgā-pathe—on the way to the Ganges.    Adi 15.28
  gaṅgā-pathe—on the path of the Ganges    Madhya 18.150
  gaṅgā-pathe—on the Ganges    Madhya 19.113
  gaṅgā-tīra-pathe—on the bank of the Ganges    Madhya 18.143
  gaṅgā-tīra-pathe—on the road on the bank of the Ganges    Madhya 25.209
  gauḍa-deśa-pathe—on the way through the province of Bengal    Madhya 25.255
  gauḍa-pathe—on the way to Bengal    Antya 1.221
  gītā-pāṭhe—in reading the Bhagavad-gītā    Madhya 9.102
  jhāri-khaṇḍa-pathe—on the way through Jhārikhaṇḍa (Madhya Pradesh)    Madhya 1.238
  jhārikhaṇḍa-pathe—through the forest known as Jhārikhaṇḍa.    Madhya 25.181
  kon pathe—in which way    Madhya 3.18-19
  kon pathe—through which path    Antya 4.122
  nirjana vana-pathe—on a solitary forest path    Madhya 25.222
  nāhi pathe—there is no passage.    Antya 10.93
  nānā asat-pathe—in various sinful activities    Antya 9.88
  pathe cali—walking on the road    Antya 1.36
  pathe khāibāre—to eat on his way    Antya 6.149
  pathe yāite—passing on the road    Madhya 16.204
  pathe yāite—while passing on the path    Madhya 17.34
  pathe yāite—while passing on the way    Madhya 17.57
  samudra-pathe—on the path by the sea    Antya 4.122
  sat-pathe—on the path of truth    SB 4.12.51
  se pathe calilā—traveled on that path.    Madhya 25.209
  sei pathe—by that way    Madhya 9.336
  sei pathe—that way    Madhya 18.144
  sei-pathe—by that path    Antya 4.118
  sei-pathe—on the very path    Antya 4.209
  sei-pathe—on the path    Antya 4.211
  siddha-pathe—in the sky    SB 6.10.25
  vana-pathe—on the road to the forest    Madhya 17.5
  vana-pathe—on the path through the jungle    Madhya 17.18
  vana-pathe—on the jungle path    Madhya 20.33
  vana-pathe—through the path of the forest of central India    Antya 4.4
  vana-pathe cali cali—traversing the forest path    Antya 13.42
  ye-pathe—on which path    Antya 4.210
  yei pathe—the path by which    Madhya 9.336
  yāibā pathe—you can go on the path    Antya 13.34
  ālālanātha-pathe—on the path to the temple of Ālālanātha    Madhya 7.59

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