Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: patham

  asat-patham—on the path of material enjoyment    SB 3.28.7
  locana-patham—the path of the eyes    Madhya 2.36
  mṛtyu-patham—a material life of repeated birth and death    SB 9.8.13
  pākhaṇḍa-patham—the path of sinful activities    SB 4.19.38
  sat-patham—the path of the Absolute Truth.    SB 3.28.1
  sva-dharma-patham—the path of religion    SB 5.6.9
  ujjhita-patham—those who have given up the path of the Absolute Truth    SB 2.7.22
  yoga-patham—the mystic yoga process    SB 4.4.24
  yoga-patham—the path of devotional service    SB 4.6.35
  ārya-patham—the path of chastity    Antya 7.47

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