Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pateh

  pateh—of the master.    SB 8.18.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pateh

  asu-pateh—of the Lord of my life    SB 6.11.24
  bandhya-pateh—of Citraketu, the husband of so many sterile wives    SB 6.14.12
  bhoja-pateh—from Kamsa, King of the Bhoja dynasty    SB 10.2.41
  satarupa-pateh—of Queen Satarupa and her husband, Manu    SB 4.8.7
  sriyah pateh—unto Lord Ramacandra, the husband of the goddess Sita.    SB 10.3.50
  daitya-pateh—of the King of the demons    SB 7.2.61
  daitya-pateh—the King of the Daityas    SB 7.4.30
  daitya-pateh—of the master of the demons    SB 7.11.1
  gokula-pateh—of Krsna, the master of Gokula    NoI 9
  hrt-pateh—of the Lord of the heart.    SB 1.3.35
  kula-pateh—of Krsna    Antya 15.44
  madhu-vrata-pateh—of the king of the bees    SB 3.16.20
  manipura-pateh—of the king of Manipura    SB 9.22.32
  mahi-pateh—of the King    SB 4.14.43
  mahi-pateh—of the great king    SB-4.21.28-29
  marut-pateh murtih—the personification of Indra    SB 6.7.29-30
  mukti-pateh—from the Lord, whose lotus feet give liberation    SB 4.9.29
  mrga-pateh—of one lion    SB 5.8.3
  nilacala-pateh—of Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of Nilacala    Madhya 13.207
  praja-pateh—of the progenitor of mankind    SB 3.33.15
  raghu-pateh—of Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.11.20
  sat-pateh—of the highest truth    SB 2.8.27
  sita-pateh—of Lord Ramacandra, the husband of mother Sita    SB 9.10.3
  sindhu-sauvira-pateh—of the ruler of the states known as Sindhu and Sauvira    SB 5.10.1
  satvatam pateh—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of the devotees    SB 8.5.13
  tri-pista-pa-pateh api—although I am the King of the demigods    SB 6.7.12
  vira-yutha-pateh—the master of heroes    SB 5.2.18
  vrsali-pateh—the keeper of a prostitute    SB 6.2.33