Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pate

  pate—O Lord    SB 4.30.30
  paṭe—in the picture    Antya 1.142
  pāte—on leaves    Madhya 3.43
  pāte—on the leaf    Madhya 3.73
  pāte—extends    Madhya 14.231
  pāte—on a leaf    Madhya 15.207
  pāte—the leaf    Madhya 15.208
  mahī-pate—O King    SB 7.2.34, SB 8.2.29, SB 8.14.2
  mahī-pate—O King.    Bg 1.20, SB 8.12.33
  avani-pate—O King    SB 5.26.37
  dvitīya-pāte—on a second leaf    Antya 12.127
  eka eka pāte—on each and every plantain leaf.    Madhya 11.200
  eka eka pāte—on each and every plate    Antya 11.82
  girām pate—O master of speech    SB 9.5.7
  jagat-pate—O Lord of the entire universe.    Bg 10.15
  jagat-pate—O Lord of the universe    SB 1.8.9
  jagat-pate—O master of the universe    SB 7.3.6
  jagat-pate—O master of the whole universe    SB 7.3.13
  jagat-pate—O master of the whole world    SB 7.7.35
  jagatī pate—O Mahārāja Parīkṣit    SB 9.23.14
  kaivalya-pate—O bestower of merging in the existence of the Lord    SB 4.20.23
  kalā-pāte—on a banana leaf    Antya 12.125
  kuñjara-pate—O king of the elephants    Madhya 8.195
  lasat-pīta-paṭe—decorated with yellow garments    SB 1.9.30
  madhu-pate—O Lord of Madhu    SB 1.8.42
  mahī-pate—O master of the world    SB 6.18.59
  nṛ-pate—O Mahārāja Parīkṣit    SB 8.11.29
  prabhura pāte—on the plate of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 12.169
  prajā-pate—O protector of the people    SB 4.19.38
  prajā-pate—O master of the citizens    SB 4.20.33
  prajā-pate—O ruler of the citizens    SB 4.25.7
  prajā-pate—O Prajāpati.    SB 4.27.7
  pṛthivī-pate—O King    Bg 1.16-18
  pāte vāsā—constructs a residence    Antya 15.22
  sadaḥ-pate—leader of the great sages    SB 4.21.8
  sura-pate—O King of the demigods    SB 7.7.8
  surā-bindu-pāte—with simply a drop of liquor    Madhya 12.53
  tāla-pāte—on a leaf of a palm tree    Madhya 6.250
  viśām-pate—O Vidura    SB 4.7.18
  viśām-pate—O master of human society    SB 4.8.68
  viśām-pate—O King    SB 4.18.6
  viśām-pate—O Mahārāja Parīkṣit.    SB 10.5.22
  vraja-pate—O King of Vraja    SB 10.8.17
  yadu-pate—O best of the Yadu dynasty    Madhya 22.16

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