Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pasaih

  pasaih—by the ropes    SB 7.5.50, SB 8.21.26
  pasaih—with ropes    SB 3.30.20
  pasaih—by ropes    SB 6.2.31

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: pasaih

  varunaih pasaih—by the ropes of Varuna    SB 8.21.28, SB 8.22.6-7
  karma-pasaih—from the bondage of fruitive activities    SB 7.10.46
  mrtyu-pasaih—by the bonds of death    SB 3.18.10
  sneha-pasaih—by the ropes of affection    SB 7.6.9
  varuna-pasaih—by the ropes of Varuna    SB 5.24.23