Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: parvata

  parvata—the hilly tract of land    Madhya 20.27, Madhya 20.28, Madhya 20.31, Madhya 20.33
  parvata—the hilly tract    Madhya 20.17, Madhya 20.20
  parvata—the top of the hill    Madhya 4.67
  parvata—another small hill    Madhya 4.73
  parvata—big mountains    Madhya 14.86

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: parvata

  parvata-upari—on the top of the hill    Madhya 4.37, Madhya 4.53
  cataka parvata—the sand hills    Madhya 2.9
  cataka-parvata—the Cataka-parvata sand hill    Antya 14.84
  cataka-parvata—the hill known as Cataka-parvata    Antya 20.125
  cirayu-parvata—of Cataka-parvata    Antya 18.41
  garva-parvata—the mountain of pride.    Antya 7.131
  parvata-disate—in the direction of the sand hill    Antya 14.85
  parvata-ketavah—the flagstaffs on the mountains    SB 5.16.12
  parvata-maha-muni—the great sage Parvata Muni    Madhya 24.277
  parvata-rajah—a king of mountains    SB 5.20.18
  parvata-upare—on the top of the hill    Madhya 18.59
  parvata-upare yana—going up a hill.    Madhya 18.58
  parvata-akramanaih—by crushing with big stones and hills    SB 7.5.43-44
  suvarna-parvata—a golden mountain    Madhya 13.85